What is the


Ecolizer is an artificial intelligence, image processing and robotics-supported recycling device that allows you to categorize your garbage correctly before recycling it.


The screen allows you to watch the process live during garbage sorting. While it shows the characteristics of the separated garbage such as weight and material, it also shows how much garbage is in which category.

Image Processor

The Image Processor contains a system consisting of various cameras and sensors. This component recognizes garbage according to its color, appearance, and shape, allowing artificial intelligence to interpret and define its category.

Robotic Arm

The robotic arm measures the packaging hardness by compressing the discarded garbage and contributes to the identification of garbage with this method. It also helps place the garbage divided into categories into the compartment.

Garbage Chamber

The garbage chamber detects the weight of the garbage and contributes to the identification of the garbage thanks to the weight data. It is also the compartment that contains the garbage.

ECOLIZER Garbage Recycling Systems and Environmental Technologies

Design and Application: Technologicalchemist